Thursday, February 28, 2013

Attention: Lost All Hope In All Humans

My Peoples,
Can we talk for a minute? I know this is my second post, but we are family right? Please, take a seat on this couch next to me. I have some concerning issues about you folks. I just can't and I won't deal with it inside and I need to express myself.

As anyone knows on campus, people think that I'm funny looking for some reason. I think it's because I point out foolish things to people. Like why does Lil Kim look like Miss Kim, the lady who does my dry cleaning (Shout out to the dry cleaners next to Giant)? Or very open to questioning how much Cash Money women  to sleep with Lil Wayne? I want to know these things, and I'm pretty sure you do too.

As a human I was disappointed by some of the answers that I heard about human rights. Rights as a human that we all have. I wasn't expecting some of the answers that I got when I asked, "You wanna know about human rights?" Some Tom Fool said "No, not today." Luckily I was born with a wit that would make a gay man comedian turn their heads. I proceeded to say "What about tomorrow?" This person whom I was talking to gave me the stank-eye. Then to get people to come to our table to at least talk I said:

Are you about to eat lunch? Well, unfortunately most people in the world can't afford food. And you can learn about it at Amnesty International at Millersville University

Some people just walked away as I just didn't insult them and guilt them for eating lunch. I can't and I wont do it any longer. 

Amnesty International at Millersville University is a human rights organization on campus. We meet on Tuesday nights at 9 pm in McComsey 201. Follow me on twitter @dan19310 and Comment Below. 

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