Friday, March 22, 2013

About Me: My Top Four Favorite Things!

Editors note: I'm sorry that I left this one not finished. I had the rest of it on my Blogger App for Apple and posted it and it did not. Don't download it, it sucks.
When the Oprah Winfrey Show was on every year she would have to send an audience member to the hospital because of being on the episode *Oprah Voice* "OPRAH'S FAVORITE THINGS!" I never watched Oprah until her favorite things episodes came on every year. Why, you ask? Because of the audience members reactions. The last episode on the second day, because she had to have two because: there were a lot to give a way. And b*tch, she is Oprah. Anyways, when she gives stuff out, the things that she gets out keeps getting bigger and bigger as the show progresses. And as the show progresses, the audience keeps getting more cray. For example, the last episode of the last season some young man was running around the audience because he was about to bust out in stigmata. And then proceeded to climb up on the cross because he was not worthy. Jk kidding, but seriously it's on that level.

Now I'm not Oprah and I'm not even on her level. But, I'm going to list my favorite things and I want you to decide to go out and get it because I'm way to broke to be getting it for you. LOL. 

1. My iPhone.
You ask me why my iPhone is my favorite thing? Well, I have a backstory with my phone. For a semester of my junior year I didn't have a cell phone. So I decided to be rach├Ęt and carry my laptop. Now being diagnosed with scoliosis, my curvature was not about that laptop bag life. So I decided that I wanted a phone that was like a laptop and I wanted an iPod. So I killed two birds with one stone. And you know that I think I'm Olivia Pope with my phone too. So, I'm on my crisis management game with this thing ( Shout out to my partner-in-crime DC)!

2. Netflix
You guys know for the amount of shows that I watch, I don't own cable. In fact, I'm pretty impressed with the amount of television that I DO watch. If you're a girl at a party I guarantee you I won't be hitting on you. But I will be asking you if you watch shows like Scandal and Grey's Anatomy or New Girl.
However, on occasion there are shows that I don't watch because I don't have cable. For example, American Horror Story or watching Jon Hamms big head I can't believe that I watch television more because of Netflix. Also, I can be a ninties kid and watch my favorite Saturday morning cartoons like Recess and Hey Arnold. This comes especially handy as I am trying to get over a hangover after drinking copious amount of alcohol  sleep in on a Saturday morning. Oh and don't get me started on House of Cards either. My conversations would last so long that Ezekiel would have to see the wheel and take over.

3. Turkey Hill Cookie Dough Ice Cream
Its ice cream. And cookie dough. Enough said.

4. Scary Movies
I love me a decent scary movie. And I especially love it on a Saturday night with a pint of Turkey Hill Cookie Dough Ice Cream. Favorite scary movie is Candyman. Let's play a game called "Never Have I Ever." Never have I ever went into the bathroom, turned off all the lights, looked into the mirror, and said Candyman 5 times and quickly hurry out the door. As an adult, I've watched that movie several times in the basement and after I was done I turned off all the lights and quickly ran upstairs to my bedroom. To me it's not the bees that scar me. It's Tony Todd's, the actor of Candyman, voice. The way that his voice gets into your head and hypnotizes you. Also, this movie set the precedent about curious white people in horror movies. Thanks, Virginia Marsden and your beautiful ass eyes.

*Sideline: Did you know Eddie Murphy was Clive Barkers original choice for Candyman. I'm like sir, this wouldn't be a horror movie when I'm thinking about bees coming out of Pluto Nash's bird chest.


  1. Bad scary movies with friends is better than any decent scray movie. Just saying.

  2. I totes forgot about that. #sharknight!