Friday, March 8, 2013

African Men: How Not to Hollar, Hollar Hollar At a Woman

*NOTE: I just want to point it out there, rape isn't funny. GOT THAT!
I read a guest blog from Awesomely Luvvie about a Nigerian online dating site. Her friend explained how ratchet Nigerian men are when hollering at her. It was funny and I agreed with her. So I decided to write about it.
At a party at my friend Fillipa's house two weeks ago and I found something interesting about African men.   They have NO game when talking to women   come off very aggressive. As the token gay men/ black man gay man of the party, I felt like I was conversationally raped and I wasn't even a woman.

This guy: "I'm trying to hollar at you. Hollar hollar hollar"

Let me give you the run down on what happen. I entered the party all late because I was on colored people time  fashionably late and I just got done with a 12 hour road trip from Oxford, OH to Lancaster, PA When I walked into the door I instantly I went to the kitchen because I needed a cup of straight tequila because I hate road trips  I was thirsty. Once I got my drinkage on, Fillapa's friend Demitra  and I began talking about life. At this point, shes ahead of me in my goal of getting wasted  shes had several drinks. All of a sudden this guy comes and interrupts my conversation with her. It went as follows:

Guy: *Puts arm around her* *touches hair on her face and placing it behind ears*
Demitra: "...the reason why I don't like Grey's Anatomy this season is because..." *Looks towards me and gets quiet*
Guy: "Whats wrong, you look cold. Do you want to wear my jacket?"
My thought: OMG! WHAT THE FRICK. OH HELL TO THE NOPE! Assuming that Demitra can handle this situation I let it play out.
Demitra: "No, if I get cold I can wear one of Fillipa's sweaters. It's cool."
Guy: "Are you sure baby?"
My thought: Did he just...? SIR, you are coming off way TOO aggressive! I'm going to need you to fall back. Matter of fact, I'm going to need you to fall back into the other room and have a seat on the couch.
Demitra: *Begins moving away* Yeah, I'm pretty sure.
My thought: Ask what his name is. This is because I didn't know his name and I needed to get my Olivia Pope on and fix this situation cause clearly she felt convo molested.
Me: "So what's your name?"
Guy:" How you not gon' to know my name when I was here the last time?"
Just then like a single lady whose man didn't put a ring on it, Demitra was like a ghost, she was gone and ran into the bedroom. Oh about his name. I was too either too drunk or he wasn't interesting enough to remember.

Later at the party, a friend of Fillipa's felt clearly convo raped and needed to get away, so we were sitting on the couch chatting. When guy and his friend were about to leave, his friend proceeded to try and give her a kiss on the cheek.. She quickly moved her head away. Since I was clearly annoyed I said to him "Sir, you are a Chester Molester!" Not wanting to talk to him after I made that comment I ran away.

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