Saturday, March 16, 2013

Little Kimberly: Why?

I was watching television and I happen to turn on Wendy Williams Show. Now, before you ask me why I want to say that the reason why I watch Wendy Williams is only for the hot topics. She talked about things that I didn't pay attention to because 1. It wasn't really that important and b. I was doing a four page paper. Until I saw THIS MONSTROSITY!
courtesy of Huffington Post 

Little Kimberly WHAT HAPPEN? I'm sorry about calling you by your government name, but why do you look 50 Shades lighter than you were in the 00s. I Know you've been gone for a minute, but damn did your gay friend jump off? Where are the friends that just say No? Where are the friends that say HELL TO THE NOPE? Do they not like you? Do they want to see you not look good? Does the plastic surgeon hate you? Does he/she hate you? I remember when you looked like this: 

Courtesy of HipHopenVogue 
You were a natural  lovely beauty. Your flows were sick back then. You were in the press because you had good music going. The Jump Off was my sixth grade jam. You were the one who put the Range in the Rover, but now I'm afraid to let you ride that Rover because your eyes look so done. Can you see? Can you see what we see? Little Kimberly, are you aspiring to become Ms. Kim the Blasian Vixen? I want to know! Your fans want to know! Society wants to know!

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