Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Break: The Misadventures in DC

Last weekend Amnesty International at Millersville University took several students to Washington, DC for the 2013 Annual General Meeting. Let me tell you something about DC. I think I was a cat and curiosity for alcohol killed me. Overall, every time I go there I find a new bar that I never knew existed. That's right move over Bus Boys and Poets, cause this drinker got a new hipster place in town.

Before I get to that, our trip was the worst.Trains are not the business. It's boring if you don't have technology at your fingertips. I mean Amtrak ratchetness could have put on an in locomotion movie. Luckily I had my my tablet with me. Yes, and I was tweeting and 'booking about how I was not about that ala carte life. I know that it was 11 am when I wrote about alcohol on the train, but  it was three o'clock somewhere   I was responsible for three other people. I mean, last year I got someone lost in the Denver International Airport  I wasn't about being on edge when I got to my DC! Then, I was curious about the menu and the cafe car. Let me tell you peeps, I'm not about that Ala Carte life. $7 for a beer that was domestic, I wanted to slap someone's mamma up in that hair piece.

Any who, choosing the AA 12 step choice, we had to get to our hotel from Union Station. Let me tell you about this hotel, it's 45 minutes outside of DC from Union to Tysons Corner via car. That means that it's a least an hour mid day via metro. And let me tell you something, the staff didn't know geography real well because THEY DIDN'T KNOW WHERE THEIR HOTEL WAS! Yes, my people's they didn't know where anything was. Not only this, but once we got to the metro station it was 10 miles away. This made me want to hulk smash my iPhone after I got off the phone. However, this misadventure of getting to our hotel is another blog post so keep your eyes like this  O_O!

My adventure started with us wanting to figure out what we wanted to do. Shout out to Google Now! because she was on her game (or he?). We found the Annie Baileys long lost American Twin. After looking for hipster bar, we found one called the American Ice Box Company. Let me tell you, they have beer  that you can drink from jars. That place has a whole Prohibition thing going on, I guess. It was really secluded and for a while, while walking around the neighborhood, I thought I was going to be Eyes Wide Shut crashing a party from the location. It's a converted garage with an outside patio that is open because of heat lamps. And ironically, despite Mother Natures feelings being Fergilicious (They come and go like every season) IT GETS HOTTER THAN THE DEVILS PITS outside. I knew this was the place for me because I'm pretty sure that I could have a conversation with a rando without getting stared at or even worst, mugged. The only downgrade is that they have one bathroom and where we sat it was the area. 

I highly recommend going to that bar. Matter of fact, I would rate it myself  a 5 out of 5 however as a hipster rating things is too mainstream. LOL. American Ice Co is located adjacent to the U Street Corridor in Washingtond DC. There will be more pics coming soon. 

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