Monday, March 11, 2013

How Are You Going to Out Black Me?

Anyone remember when Tyra Banks tried to be Oprah had her own talk show called "Tyra." No? Either do I  And does anyone remember the episode when Tyra dressed up in a fat suit because she wanted to show how fat people are discriminated against? And then remember that same episode where she showed how pretty people get the nice treatment. Well, I have a thing to say about that episode. First of all, how moronic and naivete does she think we are? She thinks that because she is a pretty girl she would not get attention and help from men. Umm, boo boo you are Tyra Banks.

Just like Tyra Banks, white people seem to think that they are the ones who know what it's like to be a minority in the United States. If you ask any white person who went to college and taken a major in the liberal arts, they've probably been exposed to some type of "cultural awaking". And when I say cultural awaking I mean they've become so bored with being white that they immerse themselves with learning languages like Spanish, Chinese, Ebonics! They would go to places like Europe, Asia, or South America or Oakland, California , to study abroad and become part of that culture. Then they come back meet someone from that country and become so condescending to that person about THEIR culture (This should be a later blogpost. I'm from Hawaii so I get this a lot).

Michelle Lapidos is the perfect example of this foolery logic. Strapped with a black ratchet  afro looking like all kinds of wrong, she dressed up into her alter-ego and stressed the importance of racial intolerance by trying to become black. Her blog, called "Before and Afro", received a lot of comments about the photo and instead of shutting it down, she keeps it up to spread the message of racial intolerance. Here is her defense provided by 

Racism not welcomed here. Just because a person points out differences between their race and another race does NOT indicate that person feels superior. Let's be constructive, open and honest with each other. It's 2012. Fried chicken is an American food. It's a Korean food. I think it's one of the most delicious foods on earth.

Wait, WHAT?  What does fried chicken have to do with being racist? I have many of white friends that love chicken. These people would break the bone and tear up some bone marrow in the chicken and then proceed to tell me the significance of fried chicken in the community of colored folk. 

Let me give a shout out to all my closest white friends P'squared, +Crystal Kitty (who is Aryan so technically...) Erica Hogentogler Peachypeach, +Ally Ortiz Alyssa Anderson, Amy Jackson, Bjorn Bolte, Kelly Pants Donahue, and the one who inspired this blog post Derek Smith (it's "jiggerboo" not "jiggaboo"). 

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